A Bounty of Summer Goodness 1

Schlafly Farmers Market
at the Bottleworks
7260 Southwest Ave, Maplewood MO
Wednesday, August 2, 4pm-7pm

This week I have no profound pieces of information on food history or agronomy or recipes. I  have a counter full of fresh local food that I have been preserving, canning, cooking and sharing. It was the week to make jelly and will be the weekend to start pressure canning and preserving our seasonal, vegetable soup.
The produce is at it’s peak. Plentiful. Beautiful. Come and get the freshest, ripest, local produce today at the Schlafly Farmers Market. We have an excellent array of vendors. Many are the weekly, regular vendor as well as th e great group that comes on a bi-weekly or monthly rotation.
Figs, husk cherries, melons, sweet corn, potatoes, green beans, a variety of peppers, eggplant, peaches, apples, blackberries, a variety of tomatoes and summer squash can all be found at the market today.  Pastured meats and eggs, artisan cheeses, a variety of baked goods (savory and sweet), local honey, cut flowers and many other locally produced goods will be at the market today.

Today’s list of market vendors will include
Ivan’s Fig Farm
Trail Lodge Tea
The Tamale Man
Ishaya Farm
Thierbach Orchard
Baetje Artisan Goat Cheese
Green Door Farm
Seed Geeks
Three Girls and a Tractor
Three Rivers Community Farm
Two Men and a Garden
Maplewood Richmond Heights School
Farrar Out Farm
James Miller- Millers Organics
Ringhausen Orchard
Larder and Cupboard
Buila Family
Biver Farm
Eckenfel Family
Red Guitar Artisan Bread
El Chico Bakery
SudAmerica Bakery”
The Earring Lady

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One thought on “A Bounty of Summer Goodness

  • Angela Oberkfell

    I was finally in the right place at the right time to hit the Farmers’ Market! (Just finished noshing on a terrific tomato…I had been craving a “real” tomato for a long time! The squirrels have won the Garden Wars in Richmond Heights.)

    I also bought a jar of Kombucha, cranberry/black cherry from one of the vendors. I wanted to compliment them on the wonderful flavor, but their label lists that they are from St. James, MO and there is a phone number. Do you happen to know the name of the vendor? (It’s not on the label and I can’t remember what the name in their tent area was posted as. They were two or three tents toward McCausland, down from The Tamale Man.

    Thanks for your help…if you have an answer!