A Community Gathering Place, June 8th, 4pm-7pm

What is a farmer’s market?
The Missouri Department of Agriculture defines a farmers’ market as “Individuals or entities that assemble temporarily to sell and promote agricultural products and other related activities.”

The Ag Department has a wonderfully written handbook that assists communities in setting up a market. In the first few paragraphs of this multipage manual it shares some great information about how a market connects to it’s local community.

It states,In 2015, Missouri saw the number of farmers’ markets in the state grow to more than 300, making Missouri one of the top states for farmers’ markets in the nation. Whether to provide a space for the community to gather, to bring fresh foods to areas in need or for commercial reasons, an increasing number of Missourians are forming farmers’ markets.

Studies from Iowa State University, the New Economics Foundation and the Project for Public Spaces independently showed ways that farmers’ markets provide positive economic activity in themselves, as well as hyper-stimulate activity for the traditional businesses that surround them,
• An increase in traffic to local businesses and economic activity by as much as 60
percent on days the market is open
• Creation of twice as many jobs per square foot as traditional retail space
• An 80 percent increase in economic impact compared to traditional sales, which is returned directly to the local community
• Space for incubating new and high growth agriculture-based businesses
Missouri’s farmers’ markets range from farm stands to large community events and from informal gatherings of trucks on the side of the road to permanent structures housing short term vendors. Regardless of the size or structure, a successful market requires vendors and consumers to actively engage in meeting each other’s needs

I really like the last sentence. “A successful market requires vendors and consumers to actively engage in meeting each others needs”……

As the market manager, one of my many tasks is to provide the community with a unique and wide variety of quality vendors. I want the vendors to do well each week. I want them to sell out at 7pm! I want all of you to form relationships. I want the market to be a place of commerce and community. Over the next few weeks I will be writing about subjects that will educate and entertain you.

What do the terms free range, cage free, pastured and all natural mean in the egg and meat industry? How do bees make honey? Why is honey different colors and have different flavors? What does organic mean? Why are those eggs more expensive? What are sprouts? We will also be sharing more recipes and easy ways to prep and enjoy fresh, seasonal, local produce

The market continues to grow and flourish and I continue to look forward to a wonderful season.

We will continue to host the University of Missouri Extension Nutrition department. They will be visiting with us throughout the market season sharing information about local, seasonal, food, healthy and nutritious food options, recipes and more. Visit the site Family Nutrition Education Program

Join us at the Market, 4pm-7pm. Enjoy live music, complimentary Schlafly beer samples and a great line-up of vendors.

We will try to keep you updated and posted on who will be at the market from week to week. Visit the website or Facebook page for updates.

Please stop by each Wednesday, rain or shine, be surprised, enjoy the variety of what’s in season at any given time, create relationships with the folks that grow your food.

Alpacas of Troy– alpaca meat, yarn and alpaca fiber items
Baetje Cheese- Award Winning, Artisan Goat Cheese
Bee Simple– a unique variety of locally grown sprouts and microgreens
Biver Farms- certified organic plants and produce; mostly recently lots of garden plants, herb and flowers
Buila Family Farm– a variety of local, seasonal produce; the last few weeks we have seen a variety of greens, strawberries, asparagus, radishes and more
Cham Bakery– locally made pita bread and traditional Mid-Eastern pastries
Ivan– a variety of local, seasonal produce; perhaps broccoli, greens, kale, chard
Eckenfels Family Farm– locally raised, pastured beef and pork cuts, farm fresh eggs
El Chico Bakery- cookies
Farrar Out Farm– locally raised, pastured beef, pork and lamb
cuts, organically raised produce, local maple syrup
Flower Hill and Rosy Buck Farms– salad mix, sprouts, pea shoots, radishes, eggs, bedding plants, edible flowers, bouquets
Grand Army-a variety of eggs (chicken, duck,quail, goose) as well as produce and angora fiber goods
iScream– a unique variety of locally made ice cream treats
Ludwig Farms Creamery– a variety of cows milk cheeses
Ozark Forest Mushrooms– a variety of unique locally cultivated mushrooms, dried mushrooms and other related delicies
Red Guitar-a variety of local artisan bread
Riverbend Roots Farm-a variety of local, seasonal produce; we’ve seen a variety of beautiful salad mix, baby chard, spinach and radishes
Seed Geeks– a large variety of non GMO seeds, handmade soaps and a unique variety of local, raw honey “goodnes
Sucrose– a variety of locally made European style artisan pastries
Tamale Man– a variety of fresh, handmade tamales with unique sauces
Three Rivers Community Farm– a variety of local, seasonal produce; she’s had beautiful lettuces, salad mix, radishes, and a variety of greens
Urban Roots– a variety of locally grown, seasonal produce
Weidner Farms-local raw honey

Non Food Vendors this week include
The Sarcastic Nutritionist
Roaming Soul Apothecary
City House Country Mouse
Cindy’s for the Birds

Don’t forget to thank Schlafly Bottleworks for sharing the space and supporting the market, local small businesses and family farms. Enjoy a complimentary Schlafly beer sample and live music each week.

Please visit the website, check out the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram market pages. Please “Like”, “Share”, “Retweet” and whatever else you do to make the market shine on social media

Thank you for your support.

See you at the Market,
René Sackett, Market Manager

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