Enjoy The Market Today!

Schlafly Farmers Market
Bottleworks, 7260 Southwest Ave, Maplewood, MO
Wednesday, May 27, 2017


Today at the market you will continue to see lots of beautiful late spring, early summer greens. There will also be first of the season carrots and sugar snap peas. You will still be able to take advantage of the harvest of strawberries! In addition, a variety of fresh, just picked produce that includes kohlrabi, cabbage, radishes and onions as well as garden starts, bedding plants, fresh cut flowers, herbs and more will be brought to market by our vendors.

One of my favorite salads over the last few weeks has been a bowl of the sweet, spring lettuces (Bibb has been a favorite) with fresh cut strawberries, spring onions, goat cheese and a sprinkling of butter toasted pecans. My dressings have varied. But once again, a favorite has been a strawberry vinaigrette that I have literally “whipped up” shortly before our meal is ready to serve. The quantity of ingredients for the dressing will depend on the amount of salad being served and the flavor (sweet/tart) that one prefers. Use a good quality strawberry jam or jelly, a little Dijon mustard, a bit of salt, fresh ground pepper, vinegar, whisk together and slowly add olive oil. The dressing will emulsify. Taste and adjust to your liking. Sometimes we like it a bit more tart and acidic and add a bit more vinegar or mustard. Other times we want it a bit sweeter and add more jam or honey. Vary the vinegar as well. I have used champagne vinegar, balsamic and cider vinegar. Various vinaigrette’s will become a staple over the coming months for various vegetable and fruit salads and side dishes served in our home. One can add a citrus juice; a squeeze of fresh lemon, lime or orange to always brightens up a dish or dressing. Finely chopped garlic, scallions or shallots are a traditional addition. Various honeys, jellies, sorghum, fruit purees are great sweeteners. Fresh or dried herbs also add another element to a dressing. Many times I save a jelly jar that has just a bit of jelly at the bottom and sides to start the process of making my dressing. Add the remaining ingredients, SHAKE and taste. Save a few jars and bottles and add seasonal, fresh, homemade dressings and vinaigrette’s to your repertoire.

Over the last few weeks, I have also enjoyed “playing with” the CaCao Nibs from Rick Jordan. Rick has little bags of single origin, roasted cacao beans. They are fairly easy to crack, peel and get the nibs out. The cacao nibs have various flavor profiles based on the origin. It’s a similar concept to coffee beans. I have used the nibs to sprinkle on yogurt, and have baked them into brownies. I am hoping to mix them into my homemade granola the next time I make a batch.

I am here to help you step out of the box and expand your creative cooking, tasting and menu planning according to the seasons and market availability of unique products. Cindy at Larder and Cupboard has house made lemon and orange crisps and preserved lemons. Have you tried any of those yet? From week to week and season to season, I am going to make an attempt to share new ideas and inspiration.

The market vendor list will be expanding as the season progresses. I am planning to bring in more vendors, new vendors that are unique to the Schlafly Farmers Market. I want to create a one of a kind farmers market that the community and the shopper will find interesting. A creative mix of local, seasonal, artisanal and FUN vendors. As the vendor list grows, I am depending on the community and the market shopper base to grow with us. Rain or shine, windy, breezy, humid, delightful, cloudy, sunny, drizzly, perfect, not so perfect; through all kinds of weather, temperatures and forecasts the market will remain and the vendors will continue to work hard to bring you their best.

Today’s vendor list may change (as the weather changes) and may include

Red Guitar – artisan aourdough breads
Cham Bakery – locally made pita breads, spreads and pastries
City House Country Mouse – cut flowers, wreaths and garden starts
Eddington Farm– a variety of garden starts
Paper Moon Designs –unique handmade jewelry
One Eye Blind Woodworks -wooden spoons, utensils and upcycled totes
Rick Jordan Chocolatier– bean to bar chocolate confections
The Tamale Man– a variety of tamales, salsas and aqua fresca
Two Men and a Garden – a variety of locally made salsa’s and pickles
El Chico Bakery– giant cookies, fruit filled empanadas and traditional Mexican pastries
Farrar Out Farms– locally raised pastured meats, eggs and some produce
Green Door Farm– a variety of local, seasonal produce
Alpacas of Troy– a variety of locally raised alpaca meat cuts and alpaca fiber crafts
Rosy Buck and Flower Hill Farms– fresh cuts flowers, pastured eggs, sprouts, edible flowers, salad mix, snap peas and more
McConauchie Manor– seasonal, locally grown strawberries
Seed Geeks– a variety of nonGMO seeds, local honey, spun honey, homemade soap and body care products
Three Rivers Community Farm– a variety of local seasonal produce (carrots, snap peas, kohlrabi, cabbage and more)
Baetje Artisan Goat Cheese– a variety of locally made, artisan goat cheese
The Earring Lady – a fun variety of handmade earrings
Buila Family Farm – a variety of local, seasonal produce
Ivan’s Fig Farm – a variety of local, seasonal produce
Larder and Cupboard– unique house made, pantry and kitchen culinary creations
Eckenfel’s Family Farm– locally raised and pastured meats and eggs
Biver Farm (certified organic) – a variety of local, seasonal produce

Stop by the market tent for a complimentary Schlafly beer sample. The University of MO Extension nutrition staff will be sharing seasonal recipes and information.
Enjoy live music by Tyler Samuels and the Bad Haircuts.
See you at the Market.
Many Thanks for Your Continued Support.

René, farmers market manager

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