More Than Fruits and Veggies….

Although we like to keep the market focused on fresh, local, seasonal produce, we also like to include locally branded, artisan, and cottage industry, small business vendors. Thank you Schlafly for supporting local, sustainable, quality, creative, small businesses at our Farmers Market!

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce to a few of the vendors that join us each week. Look for more profiles in the coming weeks

Red Guitar Bread- Enjoy these articles with lots of interesting and fun facts about Alex. He is a seasoned and talented, artisan bread baker. His blend of wild yeast strains, local grains and old style European methods are a beautiful and tasty combination. I am so happy he has become a regular vendor at our market each week.

Seed Geeks-I have learned a lot about honey from Mark and Angela; especially my new favorite, “CREAMED HONEY”. Visit with them and learn about not only bees, but organic seeds, plants, gardening and soap making. They use ingredients from their gardening and bee keeping to make soap and body care products. Nothing goes to waste with The Seed Geeks.

LifePack-Claudia and Andres have been at the market a few times and I am hoping to get them in more often. They have amazing creativity and a real spirit for entrepreneurship as they have developed “plates that grow into plants”. They won an Arch Grant and moved from Colombia South America to pursue their aspirations. Creating a stream of funding for their project, they are currently selling a variety of Colombian Fair Trade and Organic coffee beans that have been roasted locally.

iScream Cakes-Kerry is a fun, sweet, creative soul. I have really enjoyed meeting her this season. Tasting her unique flavor combinations in a cup, her drummies, and sammiches have been a real pleasure. She recently opened a store front in Maplewood. Her ice creams, ice cream cakes and other confections use as many local products as possible. She uses sustainable business practices and quality products.

The Tamale Man- Oh my! Fresh. Tasty. Fun!! Enjoy a variety of fresh tamales (including vegan), delicious sauces and refreshing aqua fresca. Eat a plateful at the market or take them with you. Don’t forget to pick up a few frozen ones to enjoy for a midnight snack! There is no shortage of information on The Tamale Man and his adventures on social media. Come taste the tamales and follow the fun.

El Chico Bakery- We have known the Rivera family for quite a few years and they have become like market family to us. Sometimes that happens as long time farmers market managers! We enjoy visiting their bakery and have had a sneak peek back in the bakery production area a couple of times. They are a small, multi-generational, family owned bakery. They stay quite busy with their store front, catering, retail deliveries and farmers markets. Their fruit filled empanadas, giant cookies and other traditional Mexican treats are always a favorite.




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