SloWednesday: Local Food Challenge

With California, the source of most of America’s fruits and vegetables, facing drought disaster, people are paying more attention to locally produced food. And they should because billions of dollars are exported from Missouri and Illinois families for food every year, creating wealth and jobs elsewhere – and Missouri and Illinois farmers get pennies in return.

America’s long-distance food system delivers food that adds to weight but is skimpy on nutrition. As a result, obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease plague our healthcare system, costing taxpayers billions more in preventable healthcare costs. Restoring a local food system is key to better health and a stronger economy.

Explore what it means for health and wealth when we strengthen the local food system at “Eat Here! The Local Food Challenge and the $16 Billion Market,” a Slow Food St. Louis program Wednesday, May 13th.

The program features Local Harvest’s Maddie Earnest, who will unveil plans for the 2015 Local Food Challenge. Melissa Vatterott, lead author of the Missouri Coalition for the Environment’s St. Louis Regional Food Study, and Kathleen Logan Smith, Food Study editor will share highlights of the St. Louis Regional Food Study, a data driven dive into the impacts of the current food system within 100 miles of St. Louis. The Food Study can be found here.

SloWednesday is the second Wednesday of each month April through November after the Schlafly Farmers Market. The cost of each presentation is a suggested donation of $5.00. Proceeds benefit Slow Food St. Louis’ Small Farm Micro Biodiversity Grant, which has given $67,000 to local farmers.