Summer into fall. Beautiful and delicious. Come to the market.

Schlafly Farmers Market
at the Bottleworks
7260 Southwest Ave in Maplewood
Wednesday, September 13th, 4pm-7pm

Some of the vendors are still bringing beautiful tomatoes. This is the time of year that I really enjoy and appreciate tomatoes as I know the season may soon be coming to a close. After all of the tomatoes are done and gone, we don’t purchase fresh tomatoes from the store; we only use the ones we have preserved. Our meal preparation changes with the season. Last night we enjoyed a spaghetti squash Puttnesca dish and we used fresh tomatoes. The dish was quite delicious and we commented on how different it might taste if we make it again with our preserved tomatoes instead of the fresh ones. We agreed that this dish could be equally as good with the home canned as the fresh. Different, but still delicious. We have made stuffed peppers and sealed them for the freezer as well. Our veggie soup is in quart jars, jams and preserves are made, corn and beans have been pressure canned in pint jars. Next up will probably be apple butter. I usually make enough apple butter to last us through a couple of seasons; we don’t make it every year. I have some large bags of frozen Concord grape pulp that I will soon make into jelly. It will be a tasty winter for us!

At the market this week, there will still be figs from Ivan. Soon, if the weather stays cool, the figs will be gone too. Vendors will have carrots, some eggplant, some peppers, lots of fall and winter squash, apples, pears, apple cider, sprouts and more. Whatever the earth springs forth! Farrar Out Farms is taking orders and deposits for holiday turkeys. Rosalie with Grand Army Farm will have a variety of eggs (duck, chicken and quail) as well as duck, chicken, goose, quail, goat meat and cornish hens to prepare and enjoy at home. She will also have a variety of angora fiber crafts and yarns. Alpacas of Troy will also have home spun yarns and fiber crafts made from alpaca. Lots of great produce, fresh tamales, pastries, cheese, eggs, meats, cut flowers, sprouts and more. So much to enjoy!

Please join us today. The list of vendors of vendors for today thus far
Ishaya Farm
Farrar Out Farm
Seed Geeks
The Tamale Man
Grandy Army Farm
Three Rivers Community Farm
Alpacas of Troy
Rosy Buck and Flower Hill Farms
Ivan’s Fig Farm
Vincini Pasta
Blue Heron Orchard
Eckenfels Family Farm
Spread Tomato Jam
Pawtastic Dog Treats
Larder and Cupboard
Baetje Artisan Goat Cheese
Ringhausen Orchard
El Chico Bakery
Three Girls and a Tractor
James Miller Organics
The Earring Lady

Live Music on the patio  by The Perfect Strangers and complimentary Schlafly beer samples at the market tent.

See you at the market.

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