Summertime. Summertime.

I am hoping that everyone has had a safe, fun, 4th of July hoilday. For some it was an extra long weekend and for others a day off and then back to work. We enjoyed a more traditional “US of A” bbq meal on the 4th. And of course, most everything was made from local  produce and proteins. The pork steaks and brats were from local meat producers, most of the ingredients of the potato salad were from our market vendors as well as the corn on the cob, first of the season field tomatoes, the baked beans had local honey, onions, bacon and my homemade mustard in them. The green beans were prepared in a cast iron skillet with onion, garlic and a little bacon as well.

I am ready to repeat many more meals in the coming weeks that will include lots of corn on the cob, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant, melons, green beans and other fresh, seasonal, local produce and meats, cheeses, eggs, honey and herbs.

We have a nice variety of vendors that will be coming to the market today. Hopefully the rain showers that are expected will be only light, refreshing and spotty here and there. Please come and visit us. Bring your umbrellas as needed. Once the produce has been harvested at it’s peak and brought to market, our vendors need for you to take it home and enjoy it soon thereafter.

Peaches, blackberries, perhaps some blueberries and early apples will be at the market today. I am expecting Thierbach Orchards as well as the first visit of the season for Ringhausen Orchards. Tomatoes, peppers, squash, eggplant, cucumbers and most all of the local, summer produce will now be available each week. We will also have local, raw honey, pastured meat and eggs, fresh cut flowers, fruit preserves and MORE!

Today’s Vendor List Currently Includes

Farrar Out Farms (meats, eggs, blackberries)
Baetje Artisan Goat Cheese
Eckenfels Family Farm (meats, eggs)
Larder and Cupboard (lots of preserves)
Rosy Buck Farm (signature, unique, fresh salad mix as well as sprouts)
Flower Hill Farm (fresh cut flowers)
Green Door Farm
Three Rivers Community Farm
Ivan’s Fig Farm
Biver Farm
Buila Family Farm
Two Men and a Garden (salsa and pickles)
Eddington Farm (potted plants, wild foraged flowers)
Thierbach Orchards
Ringhausen Orchard
Ishaya’s Farm
El Chico
Weidner Farm (local, raw honey)
Alpacas of Troy (meats and alpaca fiber)
The vendor list may change at market time.

Live music by Charlie Pfeffer
Free Schalfy Beer samples

See you at the market.
Schlafly Farmers Market Manager


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